Clean your rugs the eco-friendly way

carpetcleaner 29/06/2016

Green cleaning is no longer a myth. It is a valid strategy to keep your home in shape. Rugs in particular could use some deep green cleaning action, the results of which will surely be amazing.
If you would like to perform a green cleaning session at home, you can now do so. Here is a quick guide to effective rug cleaning, which features no harmful products. Thanks to this method, you can not only get your rugs in top shape, but also be sure that you won’t be putting your health or the environment at risk. Here is what you need to do:

  • Vacuum - invest some time and effort in vacuuming. Be very thorough: go in 3 directions and make sure that all of the dust and dirt particles are out of the carpeting.
  • Apply solution - your weapon of choice against stains and heavily soiled areas of the rug is a mix of quarter cup salt, quarter cup vinegar and quarter cup borax. This paste-like compound should be left to do its magic for a few hours and then vacuumed.
  • Steam clean - one of the best methods you can use is steam rug cleaning. It is a great strategy, as you don’t introduce chemicals to your rugs.
  • No carpet shampoo - you are wrong if you think all steam cleaners need carpet shampoo or another specialised cleaning solution. You can be just as effective with hot water alone.
  • Vinegar - add a cup of white vinegar, if you are going to clean heavily soiled areas. 1 cup to every 2.5 gallons of water should do the trick.
  • Thorough vacuuming - steam rug cleaning features two modes: one which releases the water into the fibres, and the second one, which sucks it back in the machine. Be especially thorough during the second one, as it is what cleans your rugs the most.
  • Do a second run - it is going to help a lot if you did a second steam rug cleaning round.
  • Wait to dry - before you put your furniture back in the room, or even step onto the rugs, you must allow the fabric to dry out completely. That is very important, as it eliminates the risk of staining.
That concludes a very effective green rug cleaning method!