How can I reuse or recycle old carpet?

carpetcleaner 03/07/2016
Are you knee deep in renovations? Sitting on huge piles of discarded flooring with waste removal still..

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Clean your rugs the eco-friendly way

carpetcleaner 29/06/2016

Green cleaning is no longer a myth. It is a valid strategy to keep your home in shape. Rugs in particular could use some deep..

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How to deal with your summer cleaning chores

carpetcleaner 28/06/2016

Even though the first thing you think of when the word ‘summer’ is mentioned is vacation on the beach and other..

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Pros and cons of steam carpet cleaning

carpetcleaner 27/06/2016

The carpets of your home are often forced to endure high traffic, accumulation of dust and other debris, as well as the occasional staining. With so..

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